We are a small local charity, entirely reliant on volunteers and donations. Whether you have a lot or a little time to give or a lot or a little money to donate, every little helps.

We have some great volunteering opportunities in the garden, our legal advice service or in the office. Email us with contact details and how you would like to help. Thank you.

We’ll offer you a full induction and training, make sure you won’t be out of pocket with lunch and travel expenses where relevant and you’ll be joining a great team of friendly people!


Volunteering in the garden

The community garden is always happy to welcome volunteers both on a regular or drop in basis. You do not need to have any previous experience or skills just an interest in getting involved in the garden. You may wish to come along with a friend, alone, or as a corporate group from work, just get in touch and we can arrange it. The jobs that you might find yourself involved in are for the most part seasonally related and could be based in the garden or the greenhouse/yard depending on what needs doing. From late March through the warmer Summer months we are sowing seed and taking cuttings every week.

Seeds would include vegetables and wild flowers while cuttings would be focussed on perennials and shrubs. These young plants and cuttings are used both to improve biodiversity in the garden and offered for sale as a new initiative to raise money for the trust. We have five large compost bins and there is much work maintaining and managing these through the year collecting and using vegetable waste from the market stalls as part of our BAP (biodiversity action plan). We are also creating and maintaining new habitat within the garden, you may have ideas for imaginative ways to take this further.

We can provide you with as much information and support as you may require making your time with us both enjoyable and productive. From growing organic food to making a container garden we can provide you with help and ideas.

This is what some of our garden volunteers say:
“Volunteering at the garden is an amazing experience. I have learnt so much from Stephen about plants and growing. It is a great way to meet new people, be part of a community, and have all the benefits of free vegetables and plants to take home.” – Maddie, September 2021

Legal advice

If you are a trained lawyer and can offer us some time pro bono we’d love to be able to expand the drop-in service.

Hoxton Trust office

There is a range of tasks you can do to help the office run more smoothly.