Plants for sale

As a registered charity, we rely on grants and donations to survive. We are also exploring ways of how we can generate some income from selling plants and compost. All the proceeds of this will go back into helping us maintain and improve the Garden and make sure volunteers are never out of pocket.

We have 26 different species of plant. 26!! These include Money Plants, Aloe Vera, Daisy, Spider Plants – considered one of the most adaptable of houseplants and the easiest to grow, Honeysuckle, Geraniums and Orange Blossom.

We can also offer you herbs you can eat, including sage, thyme and chives.

All plants are at very affordable prices, from 50p to £1 and upwards – depending on how big they are. We can also give you small bags of compost, produced on site too – at just £2 a bag.

Many of the plants are in our reception window at 156 Hoxton Street. Please pop in for a look. To speak to Stephen, our Community Gardener about all the plants we grow and how best to look after them, just come in on a Monday or Tuesday, as these are the two days he works, and ask. Thank you.