The Garden

Our award-winning community garden provides an oasis of beautiful green space in a densely populated urban area where more than 80% of people rent a flat (3 times the national average), most without their own garden. As well as a place to be, the garden hosts numerous groups and community events that help reduce isolation, break down barriers and boost social cohesion.

In an area that has changed rapidly over the last four decades and continues to change, the importance of this cannot be overstated.

The Hoxton Trust Community Garden is run by us but is a garden for our community.  We work hard to ensure that it is always well looked after and tidy and rely on everyone who uses it to spend time in it and to look after it as if it were their own. Our community gardener, Stephen, is supported by our gatekeeper and volunteer, Richard, our long-standing volunteer, Steve and other volunteers who help when they can. If you’d like to join the team, please contact us.

The community garden is your garden. If you want to celebrate a children’s birthday party let us know and we can reserve a corner for you in return for a small donation. You do need to book it though, through reception.

The garden is also available for private hire.