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Legal Advice Service Testimonials

Sarah*, a client of the Hoxton Trust, was having trouble understanding her council tax and was unable to pay.  She came to the Trust hoping to get a better understanding of her legal options and possible solutions to her problem. When she met with her legal advisor, she said she was met with care and a genuine desire to help. Sarah* says the Hoxton Trust has been a great help to her in understanding her situation and has made her feel much more at ease. She has since been working out solutions to her council tax issue and says that the Trust has been exceptionally helpful. She recommends it to anyone she knows who is going through legal troubles and says that she hopes the Trust will be able to help even more people going through hard legal situations.

Thomas* had enrolled for classes with a university shortly after coming to London, but was misinformed about payment and the class. When he tried to withdraw from the course, the university was not willing to grant a refund. Faced with the possibility of having to pay for classes he could not use or afford, Thomas* then came to the Hoxton Trust seeking legal action. Hoping to simply gain a better understanding of his legal situation, he was relieved when one of the advisors was able to talk with the university explaining his situation, and allow a complete withdrawal and refund. Thomas* said that he was set at ease after worrying about his financial situation for many nights, and that he now has a much firmer grasp on his rights. He also says that in the future, he will come to the Hoxton Trust before any major legal action.

(*)- Name changed to protect Anonymity

Gabriele* first came to the Hoxton Trust two years ago when she was having problems claiming benefits. When she was unable to find help through other avenues, she came to the Trust seeking legal advice. Through the Hoxton Trust, Gabriele* was able to win her tribunal and claim her full benefits package. She says that the Trust does a wonderful job of taking care of its clients and that she is now far better versed in legal matters, but also feels that she has a safe place to turn to when she needs legal assistance.