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The Hoxton Trust Garden is run by us, but is a garden for our community.  We work hard to ensure that it is always well looked after and tidy and rely on everyone who uses it to spend time in it and to look after it as if it were their own.    Our volunteer gardeners and gate keeper are always around to help out or answer any questions


We are enormously grateful too to all of our corporate volunteers who have worked in our Garden over the years.  They spend one day a year each leaving their offices and working in the garden – doing things from weeding, trimming, fixing, planting, composting, mulching – all of those things that constantly need to be done and maintained in order to keep the garden alive.  It’s a never ending task and we are always overwhelmed by the hard work that the volunteers put into their day out of the office.  


We truly enjoy working with corporate volunteers. We've had many different groups over the years and they have been extremely helpful to the Trust whilst they have also enjoyed a fun day out supporting us and in return our community.


If you are a corporate firm and you would like to get involved in a corporate volunteer day, you can either contact us directly on: or 020 7729 1480.  


Alternatively you can arrange it via one of our partners to arrange a suitable time:

East London Business Alliance (ELBA)


Business In The Community (BITC)


The only thing we ask is that if you are a corporation and wish to have a volunteer day, you would be willing to pay a small price per head. This covers materials that we use on the day and/or to invest in a much needed item or piece of equipment for the Hoxton Community Garden or in our back yard that supplies the plants that we grow from seed for it.




Corporate volunteers