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Clock Tower



"Description of building:


A cupola with a clock, originally from the Eastern Fever Hospital has been placed in this community garden. The Eastern Fever Hospital was built, in 1869-71, by the architects Messrs John Giles and Biven. The hospital was commissioned by the Metropolitan Asylum Board and in 1982 was demolished to make way for the Homerton University Hospital. The cupola is constructed of wood, with a deeply projecting curved eaves cornice and louvred panels. Each of the four sides has a clock face; black with Roman numerals in gold. A weather vane sits on top.


Architectural style:




Victorian (1838-1901)


Building type:

cupola with clock


Builder (if known):



Listing recommendation:

Interesting survival from one of England's first 'state-funded' hospitals. It is possible that the cupola is much older than the building from whence it came, i.e. late-17th century."

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