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Former Client Reviews

Curious what former clients say about their experience with Hoxton Trust Legal Advice Service?

“Great success and fantastic outcome.”


“My problem was completely solved.”


“I couldn’t have done it without their help.”


“If this thing had been ongoing and I hadn’t had the help of Hoxton Trust, I was close to having a nervous breakdown.”


“They made a dramatic difference to my peace of mind and well-being.”


“How they listen to you, take notes, call you, send you letters, and they try to contact you. For that I’m grateful.”


“They know everything and they can explain it to me!”


“Very kind people that help people, they are so nice.”


“Hoxton Trust Legal Advice Service was very important in helping me solve my problem.”


“Sat down with me one-to-one and gave me the right ideas to get right back on track.”


“They solved my problem. I didn’t understand the language and they wrote the papers for me. They did their best. They really helped me.”


“Thank you and they have to continue. Helpful for everyone!

Quotes are from post-service phone survey.

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