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Registered Charity Number: 289423 / Registered Company Limited By Guarantee Number: 1659324

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The Hoxton Trust Copyright 2014

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Welcome to The Hoxton Trust


The Hoxton Trust works to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of our community so that together we can make Hoxton, Hackney and beyond a better place to live.


We do this by investing in people to enable them to realise their potential, creating a mutually respectful, friendly, supportive environment where we work with people to help them learn, develop and solve their problems when working with others (public, private and voluntary sector groups and organisations) in order to create a network of support for our community.


At The Hoxton Trust, we are committed to working in a non-judgemental way that respects people as individuals and enables them to make a difference to their community space. We believe that friendship and team working can help us to listen and respond to the needs of those we work with.

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Mon. 10:30 to 12:30

Thurs. 10:30 to 12:30

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Horticultural Level 2 Training In Partnership with:

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Poem by Suna Shanahan - 25th June 2014




Our horticulture tutor is a wonder to behold,

Although surrounded by difficulties she never loses control.

Among the lupins and lobelia she potters about,

And the students on the courses all help her out.

We learn new things from Kim every single day,

And follow her instructions for a wonderful display.

Equipped with the skills, knowledge and advice,

We can start our own garden, without thinking twice.

News & Events



Help us to lay a new sandstone pathway in The Hoxton Community Garden. The current narrow tarmac pathway needs to be replaced as it is cracking under the pressure of tree roots. The current pathway has bumps in it where tree roots have pushed the tarmac up and it has begun to crack the surface. In addition, the pathway is too narrow in places for disabled access and this hinders its further widespread use. If we could buy the materials to re-lay the pathway with a much more sympathetic, sustainable and maintainable material, we would have a much improved garden and a little oasis for Hoxton's local residents and businesses to enjoy.


The pathway is approximately 170 meters long. It's width varies from 30cm to 1 meter wide. In the center is a circle of tarmac that we want to add an additional flower bed feature to and install a pathway around it. The scaffolding boards that we want to use are £504. The dumpy bags of sandstone are £89 each and cover 8 square meters. Therefore we need 22 bags (tonnes) at a cost of £1,958. Therefore materials for this project total £2,462.


Click the following link to help us raise funds for this project: 

Bronze Award for Hackney in Bloom's Best Community Garden


Congratulations to all for their hard work in The Hoxton Community Garden as this has been recognised by the Hackney Judges in this year's Hackney in Bloom contest, awarding a Bronze medal in the Best Community Garden category.

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Saturday the 15th of November from 10am


Join us in the Hoxton Community Garden for:


Winter crafts from The Hoxton Trust


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The Hoxton Trust, 156 Hoxton Street, London, N1 6SH, Tel: 020 7729 1480. For Legal Advice enquiries please contact: 020 7613 4174