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Welcome to The Hoxton Trust


The Hoxton Trust works to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of our community so that together we can make Hoxton, Hackney and beyond a better place to live.


We do this by investing in people to enable them to realise their potential, creating a mutually respectful, friendly, supportive environment where we work with people to help them learn, develop and solve their problems when working with others (public, private and voluntary sector groups and organisations) in order to create a network of support for our community.


At The Hoxton Trust, we are committed to working in a non-judgemental way that respects people as individuals and enables them to make a difference to their community space. We believe that friendship and team working can help us to listen and respond to the needs of those we work with.

Images courtesy of Ebrahim Sali (Volunteer) - winner of Hackney in Bloom's best container prize 2013 and the flowers that won him the award. Well done Ebrahim!



Our Chair's son, Alexander, is going on a sponsored motorcycle ride from Land's End to John O'Groats with 13 other riders.

They leave Bishops Stortford for Land's End on 27th April and hopefully arrive back on 2nd May.


They are riding for the Battledown School in Gloucestershire.  The School is a special school that offers assessment for those with a variety of problems, amongst which are autism.


Click on the link: where you can sponsor -- any amount most welcome.

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